Equity and Community Inclusion Center ECIC

In 2022, CPDC advocated for and secured one time state funding to create an Equity and Community Inclusion Center on campus. Using the TO-CA design-build delivery method, this $2.5M project renovates approximately 3,500 SF on the second floor of the Student Services Building, along with wayfinding improvements from the ground floor entry. The project creates a space that allow students a centralized location to engage in multi-cultural events, services, and build a community on campus. The program includes a new hub for equity, gathering area that empowers collaboration, and modern spaces for support and engagement. 

A New Hub for Equity: The Equity Community Inclusion Center (ECIC) renovation marks a significant turning point for fostering a more equitable campus community. This exciting project transforms the existing cubicle office space in SSB 206 into a vibrant hub, replacing outdated layouts with a modern, open-concept design.

Empowering Collaboration and Connection: The reimagined ECIC will provide a central location for staff and student groups to connect, share ideas, and build a stronger sense of belonging. The spacious gathering area will be the heart of the ECIC, fostering lively discussions, group projects, and social events – all happening in a bright and welcoming environment.

Modern Spaces for Support and Engagement: Updated offices flanking the open area will offer staff a comfortable and focused workspace, while remaining easily accessible to students seeking support or wanting to engage in casual conversation. The brand-new break room will become a natural focal point, promoting interaction and fostering a sense of community.


break room rendering
kitchen rendering __