Temporary Library (Annex I) and Temporary Library Administration Building (Annex II)

Construction Dates

Completed November 2008


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Building Type: Two single-storyaluminum-framed tent structures erected on slab on grade.

Area:  Annex I is 24,750 square feet. Annex II is 16,500 square feet.

The two buildings are located at the northwest corner of the SF State campus. Their entry portals face each other providing a direct path for easy access by the staff from the smaller building to the larger student populated structure.

The temporary library structures were completed to house interim library functions, including research assistance, periodicals, reading and study areas, computer work stations, multimedia production and staff work space while the original library building undergoes the construction of an addition and renovation.

Scope of work

Annex I is an open space and serves the student community primarily as reading/study area and computer work station areas. Numerous power and data ports were installed prior to the floor slab pour to accommodate the technical demands of the student population. Wireless access is also available within the Annex. Annex II is also equipped with floor power and data ports as there are no enclosed rooms within the space other than the equipment rooms. This allows flexibility for the staff work areas that occupy the space. Ventilation is distributed through fabric ducting running the length of each structure which is connected to mechanical units located at each end of the building. Ceiling fans installed throughout the buildings contribute to air movement. While access to books is through a paging system with distribution at another location on campus, Annex I has been populated by as many as 600 students during a semester for quiet study and computer access. Upon completion and occupancy of the renovated Library, the temporary structures will be used for other functions or relocated to another site.

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