Mashouf Wellness Center | Energy Conservation

Drawing to explain energy conservation system. Results of the system: 1) LEED v3: 51% Savings over baseline, 2) 2013 TITLE 24: 39% savings over baseline. 18,550 sf roof area features a 295 kW. PV system, producing 354,000 KkWh/yr. Efficient light design results in a 37.6% reduction of energy. Displacement ventilation system provides uniform temperature throughout the space and stratifies temperature above the occupied zone. Pool dehumidification and energy recovery system uses 100% outside air to delete recirculation of contaminants and odors while providing comfortable temperatures and humidity levels, as well as energy reduction. The HVAC system air distribution system captures chlorine odors and contaminants at their point of settlement. The 100% outside air system insures that the odors and chemicals are never recirculated back into the building. Closed up diagram illustrates how the return air pumping out as exhaust air through coils, and how the outside air pumping in through coils to supply fresh air inside.

Drawing to show how the energy system work inside: Displacement diffusers designed to provide heating & cooling for the space. Solar tubes provide natural lighting. Variable air volume system using the temperate climate for maximum economizing for cooling in conjunction with displacement ventilation