Capital Planning, Design & Construction Org Chart

Simon Y Lam,


Associate Vice President, Capital Planning, Design & Construction/Executive Facilities Officer, Deputy Building Official, and Construction Administrator


Barry Jodatian, Director

  • Vacant, Senior Project Manager
  • Vacant, Senior Project Manager - Fire Safety
  • Vacant, Senior Project Manager - Principle Inspector
  • Vacant, Project Manager
  • Dave McCormick, Project Manager
  • John Lew, Project Manager
  • Shirley Yuki, Project Manager
  • Lalaine Fabi, Project Manager*


Wendy Bloom, Director of Campus Planning

  • Vacant, Facilities Information System (FIS) Manager
  • Vacant, Assistant Planner/Information Technology (IT)
  • Frank Young, Project Manager
  • Russell Kilday-Hicks, Graphic Coordinator
  • Student Internship Program


Gregory Mowbray, Construction Manager

  • Zebediah Butscher, Inspector of Records (IOR)/Project Manager
  • Ryszard Pochron, Construction Coordinator
  • Cindy Tran, Project Manager's Assisitant**
  • Van Tran, Project Manager's Assisitant**


Annie Goldman, Fiscal Analyst

  • Annie Goldman, Fiscal Analyst
  • Lily Zhang, Contracts Coodinator
  • Student Assistants

** position funded by Mashouf Wellness Center (MWC)        
*position funded by University Property Management (UPM)