Telecommunication Infrastructure Upgrade Project

Construction Dates

April 2008 to May 2009 (completed)


This project constructs new intermediate data centers (IDC's), provide dedicated raceways in the form of cable trays, and provide new data outlets.  This project brings fiber and enhances CAT-6 copper cable to desktops.

Progress Report
  • Construction of IDC rooms in HSS, Thornton Hall, Creative Arts, Fine Arts, Administration building and Science building finished in June 2008.
  • Fire-stopping of wall penetrations at Burk Hall and Business building is near completion pending inspection by the Fire Marshal.
  • Installation of telecommunication conveyance system in Gymnasium finished in June 2008.The inter-building telecommunication project connects all campus buildings to the computer center in old Administration building. The work completed in Auggust 2008.
  • The intra-building telecommunication project completed the installation of telecommunication conveyance system, wiring, and outlets in HSS, Science building, Gymnasium, Fine Arts, Creative Arts, Administration building, and Thornton Hall. The whole project was completed in May 2009.