Mary Park Hall and Mary Ward Hall Restroom Renovations

Construction Dates
August 2009 (completed)

As part of the overall renovations of Mary Park and Mary Ward Halls, twelve restrooms were completely renovated (eight restrooms in Mary Park and four in Mary Ward). These twelve restrooms were the last of the restrooms in these residence halls to be renovated and should much improve the quality of life for incoming and future student residents.

Scope of work

Improvements include an overall reconfiguration of the floor plans to meet accessibility standards and new tile floor and wall surfaces. The project also includes replacement of all toilets and partitions, sinks, countertops, mirrors, accessories and lighting. New water fountains adjacent to some of the restrooms will be recessed in the walls so that they don't intrude on the corridor.


Green-friendly products were specified where possible, such as low-flow fixtures, products containing recycled materials, and high-efficiency light fixtures.