Mary Park Hall and Mary Ward Hall Student Room Abatement and Carpet Replacement

Construction Dates
Completed August 2009

As part of the overall renovations of Mary Park and Mary Ward Halls this summer, approximately half of the student rooms are being re-carpeted.

Scope of work

Work will begin with the moving of all student room furniture. Individual wings of each floor will then be put under containment in their entirety and the existing carpet removed from the student rooms. The abatement contractor will then remove the base and any tile below, as well as any associated asbestos-containing mastic or glue. Air and surface samples will be taken by an environmental monitoring consultant; once the rooms are declared free of any hazardous materials, the containment will be removed and a carpet contractor will install new carpet.

Progress Report

As of late June, the abatement contractor is 95% complete with carpet removal and abatement work.  The carpet installers are working in areas that have been fully abated.


Green-friendly products were specified where possible, such as low-flow fixtures, products containing recycled materials, and high-efficiency light fixtures.