Green House No.2

Construction Dates

Summer 2009 - Spring 2010 (completed)


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This project replaces the Hensill Hall 8th floor greenhouse determined to be unsuitable by the College of Science and Engineering, Biology Department. The project provides 12 greenhouse rooms within a one story slab-on-grade structure located along the northern edge of Stephenson Field.

Scope of work

Each of the 11 greenhouse rooms and the ?head house? is approximately 2400 square feet. The greenhouse is constructed of galvanized steel framing and clad in polycarbonate glazing. The greenhouse rooms are designated for either research or teaching and each can be climatically controlled to match the growing conditions found in many parts of the world. A master control system in the head house can control and coordinate the heating, evaporative cooling, horizontal shading and ventilation systems. The greenhouse structure sits on a concrete podium extending beyond the south wall to allow for a covered walkway from which the greenhouse rooms are accessed. The greenhouse rooms are equipped with sinks, distilled water and gas. The head house includes an office for the greenhouse manager as well as plant staging benches, storage and electronic controls.

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