Procedures and formats for minor capital outlay submissions

Minor capital outlay (construction) projects are limited to those projects that correct deficiencies, provide new or improved facilities, or provide equipment for new or improved facilities whose estimated cost is $400,000 or less. Minor construction does not include any work classified as maintenance or repair. Projects may not be grouped unless they are for similar work within one building or complex. For instructions on policy and procedures for writing minor capital outlay service agreements (see SUAM Section X). For instructions on construction procedures for minor capital outlay projects (see SUAM Section XII).

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) which became law in 1990, mandates that public entities evaluate current policies and practices and correct any access deficiencies to comply with ADA requirements. One requirement mandates that public entities prepare a Transition Plan that identifies physical barriers impeding access, action taken to remove the barriers, a completion schedule, and a designated representative responsible for the implementation. All campuses now have a Transition Plan in place and correction projects are in process. The campuses are encouraged (AAES 92-66/HR 92-32) to use minor capital outlay funds to complete their Transition Plans except for telecommunication barriers.

The determination and accomplishment of minor construction projects have been delegated to the campuses, to which the chancellor's office allocates funds annually. Each campus has the flexibility to request minor construction funds in the manner most appropriate to meet its immediate needs within the following limitations:

  • By trustees' policy, safety items requiring correction as dictated by the Division of Industrial Safety, State Fire Marshal, Public Health, or other authoritative agency, must be given first priority.
  • No projects relating to parking lots, dormitories, campus unions, health centers, or other nonstate funded projects may be undertaken with state funds. Minor construction requests for nonstate funded facilities should be submitted to Financial and Risk Management (FRM) for funding.
  • No equipment may be purchased from minor construction funds except to equip minor capital outlay projects.
  • Projects involving alterations or additions to buildings shall be approved by the State Fire Marshal and the Access Compliance Unit in the Division of the State Architect before proceeding into construction.
  • No funds from this allocation may be used for routine maintenance, deferred maintenance, or special repair items.

The campuses must submit minor capital outlay projects to the chancellor's office for approval. The approved projects are submitted to the Department of Finance and the Legislative Analyst for their review. In addition, campus proposed projects are validated annually by Physical Planning Development (PPD) chancellor's office staff and campus representatives. Campus requests for funding consideration are to be submitted on Form PPD 2-30, Priority List, and Form PPD 2-31, Project Proposal (Appendix A).


Minor capital projects whose scope of work include any remodeling or additions require conformance with guidelines for accommodating disabled individuals. Approval must be obtained from the Access Compliance Section, Division of the State Architect (DSA), prior to awarding a contract. Projects requiring such approval shall be forwarded to the Access Compliance Section by the campus when plans are complete. A person representing campus student disability services should review the plans prior to or at the same time the plans are submitted to DSA for approval.


Savings generated by accomplishing a minor project for less than the amount funded may be used by the campus if requested and approved by PPD and/or the funds are returned to the systemwide account for allocation for approved minor projects throughout the system. Funds not expended within one year from the date of appropriation automatically revert.


The campuses must submit to the chancellor's office by September 1 each year an annual report describing the minor projects accomplished and their costs, as required by the Supplemental Report of the 1980 Budget Act. These reports are reviewed and approved by PPD and transmitted to the Department of Finance and the Legislature for review.