Building Permit Information

A. What is a building permit?

Capital Planning, Design, and Construction (CPDC) is mandated to enforce building, life-safety, and accessibility codes for all campus construction projects (State University Administrative Manual 9232). All design and construction must be in compliance with the latest edition of the California Building Code (CBC). A Building Permit is required by the CBC whenever a building or structure is erected, constructed, enlarged, repaired, improved, removed, converted or demolished (CBC Section 106).

All campus departments, auxiliaries, vendors, or students proposing to undertake construction projects with their own funds must have their project reviewed and approved by CPDC and have a Building Permit issued before soliciting bids for construction of the project.

B. What is the process?

1. Submit drawings and specifications:

All projects must have drawings and specifications prepared by a California licensed architect or engineer. CPDC will select the architect on behalf of campus departments, and the cost will be paid from the project funds.

Auxiliaries and vendors are responsible for the selection and procurement of the architect, and payment for their services. Architects must be selected from The California State University (CSU) Prequalified Architects Database (SUAM 9204.02)

2. Planning Review:

Projects that visually impact the campus, affect the utilization of programmed space or campus operations must be reviewed by CPDC to assure that the project conforms to university standards, policies, and programs. The applicant shall submit preliminary drawings prepared by the architect and other information as needed, and of sufficient detail to describe the proposed project. CPDC will coordinate review and approval by other university departments as appropriate.

3. Code Compliance Review:

All projects involving new construction, alterations or remodeling must be approved by the Division of the State Architect (DSA) and the State Fire Marshal (SFM) before a Building Permit can be issued by CPDC. The project architect is responsible for submitting the drawings and specifications to those agencies for approval. For certain types of projects, other agency approvals may additionally be required (see "Agency approvals" below). The applicant shall allow adequate time for agency review and should contact the agencies directly regarding review times, procedures, and fees. The applicant is responsible for all agency fees.

4. Building Permit:

After obtaining all required agency approvals, the applicant shall complete a building permit application form. The applicant submits to CPDC the completed application along with the agency-approved drawings and specifications.
CPDC will issue a Building Permit for the project upon receipt and verification of the following items:

  • Drawings and specifications are approved by Division of the State Architect (DSA), SFM, and other agencies as required
  • Drawings and specifications conform with university standards, policies, and programs
  • Payment (2%) of Construction Inspection fee (see "Construction inspection" below)
  • Payment (3%) of Project Administration fee, when applicable (see "Project administration" below)

If an incomplete permit application package is submitted, CPDC will notify the applicant of the deficiencies, and delay issuance of the Building Permit until these have been rectified. Processing time for the permit application package is approximately five working days.

Bidding: All public works contracts over $5,000 are subject to Public Contract Code requirements for advertising, bidding, and contract award. The bid period is approximately four weeks, and all bidding costs are paid for from project funds.

Construction: All construction shall be performed by a contractor possessing a valid and proper California business license, who is fully compliant with all required insurance provisions.

Construction inspection: All projects must be inspected during construction by a certified inspector. The construction inspector will be responsible for assuring that all construction is in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications and in compliance with all applicable codes. CPDC will assign a qualified construction inspector for each project. CPDC will assess a construction inspection fee of two percent (2%) based on the probable estimate of construction cost, which shall be paid prior to issuance of the Building Permit.

Project administration: CPDC can provide the following project administration services:

  • Selection of the design professional and administration of their contract
  • Design and construction document coordination
  • Bidding of the project
  • Recommendation for award of the construction contract
  • Day-to-day administration of the construction contract
  • Project closeout

Non-state funded projects utilizing CPDC project administration services will be assessed a fee of three percent (3%) based on the probable estimate of construction cost, which shall be paid prior to issuance of the Building Permit. However, auxiliaries and vendors may manage their own projects and are under no obligation to utilize CPDC project administration services.

C. Agency approvals

Accessibility Compliance: All new construction, alterations or remodeling projects must be in compliance with state and federal accessibility codes. Drawings and specifications must be approved by the Division of the State Architect (California Code of Regulations, Title 24). Prior to submitting drawings to DSA for review, the applicant's project architect should contact CPDC for additional campus-specific information that will be needed for DSA approval. Information regarding DSA's plan review procedure and fees is available on their Division of the State Architect website.

California State Fire Marshall: Drawings and specifications for all new construction, alterations, or remodeling projects must be submitted directly by the project architect to the SFM for approval (California Code of Regulations Titles 19 & 24). Information regarding SFM's plan review procedures is available on the State Fire Marshall website.

San Francisco Department of Public Health: Projects involving the preparation, handling, or sale of food must also be approved by the Envoronmental Health Section of the San Francosco Department of Public Health. Permit forms and fee information are available on San Francisco Department of Public Health website.

D. Instructions

  • Complete application section of the form only. (Plan review and building permit sections will be completed by CPDC.
  • Print and return completed application along with original reproducible plans and specifications and one (1) copy of each to CDPC (Corporation Yard, 2nd floor). Plans and specifications shall be full approved by the State Fire Marshall (SFM) and Division of State Architect (DSA), if applicaple, prior to submitting for building permit.
  • Building permit will be issued and returned along with original reproducible plans and specifications upon CPDC approval.
  • One (1) set of approved plans and specifications shall be available on the project site at all times.

E. Additional information

If you have any questions regarding the Building Permit process or your upcoming project, please feel free to call us at 415-338-1698.